Hind Kabawat at the Syrian Refugees Camp

A Story of a Refugee Woman in Zaatari

A garden of sunflowers thriving in the desert landscape at the Zaatari Refugee Camp was not the greeting we anticipated, when we began walking on foot through one of the largest refugee camps in the host country of Jordan. It was a sign. Planting gardens in civic space is an indicator of the germination of a public consciousness. As Syrian refugees sow their seeds, they are cultivating gardens that not only remind them of home but, also, sow seeds of creativity and hope.

Yarmouk Camp, Anybody still there?

Sami Skyped me in July 2012 to say that he would be escaping from his home in the old city of Damascus to the Yarmouk camp out of fear that the Syrian secret service would catch him.

Sami was one of the pioneers of the revolution in a time when the revolution meant hope. He participated in the demonstration that took place in the Omayyad mosque. I remember the day. I saw him near the mosque one Friday in June 2011; he smiled at me and told me he would come over later that night. And he did. Sami, a liberal Christian filmmaker, my neighbor and friend, made the time to come and talk about his dreams for a democratic Syria.